CONSULTATION / DISCUSSION QUESTION: where is ‘heat’ best placed to sit in the final just transition plans

The Scottish Government is keen to hear from industry organisations and companies to influence the forthcoming publication of the draft transition plan for Built Environment and Construction. If you would like to respond to the discussion questions or register your interest in consultation events planned for this summer, please email

The Scottish Government has published a discussion paper on developing a just transition plan for the Built Environment and Construction. This paper identifies the challenges and barriers faced by different sections of society to make the changes needed to reach net zero, including consideration of a fair distribution of costs and benefits.

The themes in the discussion paper include:

• Procurement

• Skilled labour force

• Innovation

• Sustainable standards

• Manufacturing

Heat demand is currently included within the Energy Strategy Just Transition Plan, a draft of which was published in January 2023. One question that they are seeking views on is where is ‘heat’ best placed to sit in the final just transition plans.