Ecosystem Fund Launch

A wider range of organisations is being invited to bid for grants to develop entrepreneurial ideas.

A fund to help inspire more entrepreneurs to start or scale up their businesses has been relaunched by the Scottish Government. Grants of up to £50,000 will be available.

Welcome proposals from:

  • Ecosystem builders — organisations such as incubators, accelerators, dedicated entrepreneurial support organisations, and community groups that support entrepreneurs through programming, resources, and events
  • Industry associations and non-profits — groups empowering early-stage entrepreneurialism and start-ups in their communities
  • Universities and education/training programmes — academic institutions looking to create new activities to foster entrepreneurial skills and innovation through competitions, for example
  • Established companies delivering new partnership projects with start-ups — or educational establishments — through pilots, tech acquisitions, or accelerator programmes
  • Private organisations, experienced in entrepreneurial development, whose proposals widen the early-stage entrepreneur and start-up community to under-represented demographics

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Details and guidance notes here:

Application deadline: 25th September 2023 @ 1pm