The home of clean growth in
Scotland’s Tay Cities region

This is a platform for knowledge sharing, discussion, networking, ideas and project development for anyone involved or interested in clean economic growth connected to the Tay Cities Region.

Let’s talk about Clean Energy, Sustainable Mobility, Green Agi-tech, Circular Economy, Data & Digital Solutions, Nature based projects and more.

Project library

The project library profiles a range of clean growth projects and initiatives in the Tay Cities region. Projects are categorised by theme and linked to organisations involved.


Join the community to get involved and develop ideas with like-minded people and potential partners. We’re open to all stakeholders, regardless of where you’re based.

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Among other benefits, community members gain access to an aggregated and frequently updated list of funding opportunities for the clean growth sector. 

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Clean growth projects

A filterable list and a map of various clean growth projects and related organisations in the Tay Cities Region.


Tay Cities Clean Growth hosts a community for professionals who contribute in solving the challenges of a better, cleaner future. Find opportunities to get involved in existing projects, submit, discuss and develop your ideas and find partners for new initiatives.

141 members from 114 organisations sharing knowledge in 42 discussions.