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I2F is to support UK industry through access to STFC facilities and scientific expertise. STFC operates the UK National Facilities offering X-rays, Neutrons and Lasers alongside High Performance Computing (modelling, AI, ML) enabling the private sector to utilise the expertise and specialist technology generating industrial and societal impact. I2F programme is based on the following themes:

  • energy
  • net zero
  • security and defence
  • health

These themes are to support ongoing government priorities, UK Science and Technology Framework also it links to the overarching UKRI strategic themes.

The current funding opportunity is open for challenges relating to health and net zero.


The I2F programme is intended to assist companies, through access to advanced analytical technologies and supporting expertise, overcome currently intractable product, material or process performance challenges in manufacturing or services which have a high economic impact. Projects are selected where there is clear evidence that UK economic growth will result from participation in the programme.

Examples include:

  • improving energy efficiency in manufacturing processes
  • materials development for hydrogen storage
  • development of photovoltaics
  • aerodynamics of wind turbines
  • lubricants to improve engine efficiency
  • materials for detectors in hydrogen applications
  • development of biofuels
  • improving batteries for electrical storage
  • data analytics to improve manufacturing or service processes
  • modelling and simulation to optimise design

Out of scope:

  • fundamental research
  • market research
  • scoping studies

Applicants are required to clearly describe how solving their problem can result in economic impact to the company.

We are currently accepting applications from companies that have interests or a product that have applications within the health and net zero themes. Suggested topics include, but are not limited to:

  • reduction of energy consumption
  • alternative energy
  • development and testing of materials for energy applications and energy storage
  • data usage to promote greener outcomes
  • vaccine development
  • aerosol particle characterisation
  • drug delivery mechanisms

The full economic cost of your project may be up to £100,000 with payment going directly to the STFC facility or department concerned. Companies will not be in direct receipt of cash through this scheme but instead are granted access to STFC facilities and expertise up to the value of the proposed project. Grant funding in this competition is awarded as Minimal Financial assistance (MFA). This allows public bodies to award up to £315,000 of support to an enterprise in a 3 year rolling financial period.

Full details here:

Industry Impact Fund – UKRI

Category Circular EconomyClean energyData & digital solutionsGreen agritechSustainable mobility
Application period 01/06/2023 — 30/06/2023