€95.5 billion – Horizon Europe: help for UK applicants

Horizon Europe is an EU research and innovation programme. It has a budget of €95.5 billion and runs until 2027.

The UK agreed a deal to associate to Horizon Europe on 7 September 2023.

UK researchers can now apply for Horizon Europe funding, certain that all successful UK applicants will be covered through the UK’s association (or through the guarantee) for the remainder of the programme.

Horizon Europe funding is available for:

  • excellent research in any field
  • researcher mobility
  • research infrastructure
  • global challenges and industrial competitiveness including:
    • health
    • culture, creativity and inclusive society
    • civil security for society
    • digital, industry and space
    • climate, energy and mobility
    • food, bioeconomy, natural resources, agriculture and environment
  • innovation
  • the development of the European research and innovation systems

More details here: Horizon Europe: help for UK applicants – UKRI

Work programmes: Horizon Europe work programmes – European Commission (europa.eu)

Funding & Tender portal:

Funding & tenders (europa.eu)

Funding & tenders (europa.eu)

How to apply: Applying for Horizon Europe funding – UKRI

Finding partners and collaborators: Finding partners and collaborators for Horizon Europe – UKRI

Category Circular EconomyClean energyData & digital solutionsGreen agritechSustainable mobilitySustainable tourism
Application period 01/02/2024 — 01/01/2027