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    Posted by Derek Stewart on 23/08/2022 at 11:38 am

    Regarding the APGC and IBH here is a first pass. For this current investor would also include partners on funded projects. These are often international companies


    Current investor (companies and funders)






    Inward Investment sought

    Companies and investors centred on – breeding, cereals, distilling and brewing, arable agriculture (and all that encompasses including fertiliser companies and systems therein), digital agriculture.

    Specific targets (along with APGC would be) the development and establishment of a facility for gene editing and genetic modification to accelerate solution to climate change: investment to develop barley in the food sector rather than just brewing and distilling


    Current investor (companies and funders)

    Blossom genetics

    Occam Biociences

    Vertical futures

    Intelligent Growth Solutions

    Liberty Produce Ltd




    Liv Fresh (Singapore)

    Zero Waste Scotland

    Van Iperen (NL)



    Innovate UK

    Inward Investment sought

    Companies and investors centred on horticulture, controlled environment agriculture/(CEA/Vertical Farming (VF), crop and food storage, food supply chain technology and activities, sustainability (technology and data), sensing, IoT , crop genetic, gene editing/modification, natural ingredients companies (cosmetics, fragrances, colours, botanicals), pharmaceuticals, sustainable feedstocks, net zero strategists, risk companies (assessment, insurance etc), climate change associated companies, NGOs and large global organisations delivering to the sustainable development goals (FAO, World Band, Gates).

    Specific investment targets – State-or-the art glasshouse systems, IoT centre/hub for CEA/VF systems development and innovation; accelerator programmes for supporting APGC science to progress from Lab to industry and spin out.

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