Agri & nature based:European Parliament adopts landmark Nature Restoration Law

Source: Scotland Europa Alerts

In a significant move towards environmental management, the European Parliament has approved the first-ever EU law aimed at restoring degraded ecosystems across the EU’s land and sea areas. The law mandates the restoration of at least 20% of EU land and sea by 2030, escalating to 90% by 2050. Key provisions include targets for habitat restoration and agricultural ecosystem improvements, with a focus on Natura 2000 areas until 2030. Additionally, measures to restore drained peatlands and promote biodiversity in agricultural ecosystems are highlighted. The law also demands positive trends in forest ecosystems and additional tree planting, along with the restoration of rivers and urban green spaces. Rapporteur César Luena emphasised the law’s importance in fulfilling international environmental commitments and thanked scientists and youth activists for their contributions. The legislation now awaits adoption by the Council before entering into force, signalling a significant step towards meeting climate and biodiversity objectives in the EU.

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