Event invite: Clean Energy & Green Agri-tech and innovation

You are invited to take part in our next Tay Cities Clean Growth Event.

With its central geography, mixed economy and broad base of academic, professional expertise and active developments, Tayside is a great place to exploit this ongoing economic transformation as we address climate change and post Covid recovery.

At this event we are focussing on:

  • Clean Energy (wind to small scale green hydrogen generation)
  • Green agri-tech and agri innovation

Come along and meet members of the Clean Growth community that works together to maximise the Tay Region’s clean growth opportunities. See how we can create synergies for a collective Unique Selling Point. Clean Growth in the Tayside has a special focus on: Green Agri-tech, Clean Energy, Circular Economy, Sustainable Mobility and Data and Digital Solutions. There will be networking opportunities to meet and talk to project owners from the five focus areas, likeminded attendees as well as local authority, Scottish Enterprise & Scottish Development International representatives.

Date: Tuesday, 26 September 2023

Time: 10am to 2.30pm (lunch included)

Venue: Arbikie Distillery Experience, Arbikie Highland Estate, Lunan, DD10 9TR

Running Order:

10.00am – 10.30am Arrival, registration, coffee / tea / pastries reception

10.30am – 12noon Welcome and presentations:

  • Welcome by Arbikie
  • Clean Energy
  • Green agri-tech / Agri innovation

12.00pm Lunch

13.00pm Tours

You will have the opportunity take part in a tour of your choice in a small group setting to hear more about the main topics, ask specific questions and see some of the tech in practice.

Tours at the Arbikie event will be available and can be attended on the day, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Attend a outside walking tour providing information on the build of the 1MW wind turbine and its link to small scale on-site green hydrogen generation. You will be able to visit the world’s first green hydrogen powered distillery and see their hydrogen boiler.
  • Attend an outside walking tour of part of the farm and speak to a representative of the James Hutton Institute about green agri-tech, farming, food security and more.
  • Visit the polytunnel and parts of the farm discussing agri innovation and CO2 reduction with a representative of the James Hutton Institute and Arbikie.
  • Stay indoors and enjoy an informal masterclass delivered by John Ferguson (Binn Eco Parc) and Iain Stirling (Arbikie Distillery) on circularity and sustainability in business.

2.30pm End of formal event. Attendees are welcome to stay as general guests.

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In advance of the event:

Register as a member, add your business and project (current / planned) for greater visibility. www.taycitiescleangrowth.scot – click, connect, collaborate.

Please have a look at our website which represents a mix of clean growth projects not only in the Tay Cities Deal, but extending far beyond to enable inter-project synergies, wider project development, knowledge exchange and R&D collaboration, as well as creating an environment for investor engagement. The website acts as a central platform to facilitate, support and accelerate clean growth across Tayside and position the region domestically and internationally.

The Tay Cities Clean Growth Initiative is part funded and has projects funded via the Tay Cities Region Deal :

The Tay Cities Region Deal is a partnership between local, Scottish and UK governments and the private, academic and voluntary sectors which seeks to create a smarter and fairer Angus, Dundee, Fife and Perth & Kinross under the headings Inclusive Tay; Innovative Tay; International Tay; Connected Tay and An Empowered Tay.

The Scottish Government and UK Government will each invest up to £150 million in the Tay Cities Region Deal over 10 years, subject to final approval of robust business cases.

As of 30th September 2022, over £74m of Government investment has been released and almost 700 jobs have been created.

This central investment from both Governments has the potential to lever in £400m of investment over 15 years, of which more than £123m has been secured by Projects.

Full and further information on the progress the Deal has made to date on securing investment and jobs, can be found within the Annual Performance Report located on the Tay Cities Region Deal website – https://www.taycities.co.uk/publications