Global Business Innovation Programme – New York (Clean Growth) Climate Week

Innovate UK’s Global Business Innovation Programme helps businesses explore collaborative innovation and understand the
landscape that exists in overseas markets. Join us to explore the Clean Growth opportunities in New York.

IUK are currently accepting applications for up to 15 companies specialising in clean growth technologies. They would
welcome applications from innovative companies who could be developing technologies across a broad range of clean growth
sectors including (but not limited to):

  • Smart City (resource-productive and equitable solutions for urban development)
  • Smart Grid (utility solutions for digital, de-carbonised grid)
  • Renewable Energy (geothermal, offshore wind, hydrogen, solar)
  • Clean Transportation (electric and low emission vehicles, EV charging)
  • Advanced Buildings (energy efficiency, smart controls)
  • Waste Management (circular economy, organic waste solutions)
  • Agritech (crop analytics, urban sustainable farming)
  • Carbon Capture and Utilisation (net-zero and carbon negative products, chemicals and materials)
  • Climate Finance (climatetech enabling finance solutions, insurance innovation, carbon pricing and carbon markets solutions)

Application form here:

More information in the attached flyer.