Innovate UK announces £100M for three high-potential innovation clusters

The Innovation Accelerators programme is investing £100 million in 26 projects to accelerate the growth of three high-potential innovation clusters.

The £100 million Innovation Accelerators programme is accelerating the growth of three high-potential innovation clusters in Glasgow, Greater Manchester and the West Midlands.

Twenty-six research and development (R&D) projects will attract private R&D investment, create new jobs, boost regional economic growth, and develop the technologies of tomorrow.

Innovation Accelerators are a pilot approach to supporting three city regions to become major, globally competitive centres for research and innovation.

Partnerships of local government, business and R&D institutions in the three city regions have led on selecting the 26 projects, working closely with Innovate UK.

Three city regions in Glasgow, Greater Manchester and West Midlands were chosen to pilot this programme in recognition of their R&D strengths, robust private and public innovation governance and strong local leadership.

The £100 million funding is being shared across those three regions and has been allocated using a pioneering ‘locally-led’ approach.

The projects will address local, national and global societal and environmental challenges. They range from developing health innovations to quantum technologies, and green technologies to secure a safe and resilient transition to net zero.

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