Perth & Kinross: Green Living Participatory Budgeting Fund – VOTING OPEN



The online voting process for the Green Living PB Fund is open – vote now via this link Participatory budgets ( In order to vote you must:

  1. Sign in using your MyGovScot, Facebook or Google account OR register with the webpage using an existing email address.
  2. Select the locality in which you wish to vote – note that you can only vote in one locality and should vote in the locality in which you live. Localities are combinations of one or more Perth and Kinross Council wards. If you are not sure which locality you live in, you can use your address to check which ward you are in at Find your local councillor – Perth & Kinross Council ( The table below sets out which locality each ward is in:
Perth and Kinross Council WardLocality for Voting
Carse of GowrieEastern Perthshire
StrathmoreEastern Perthshire
Blairgowrie and GlensEastern Perthshire
StrathearnStrathearn & Strathallan
StrathallanStrathearn & Strathallan
Almond and EarnAlmond and Earn
Perth City SouthPerth City
Perth City NorthPerth City
Perth City CentrePerth City

* Please note that there is no public vote required in Strathtay. The groups who submitted bids for funding in Strathtay will be contacted separately.

  1. Note the total funding available in that locality – this is displayed at the top of the screen.
  2. Read through each of the bids in your locality and decide which bids you wish to support.
  3. Click ‘Vote’ on the bids you wish to support and keep an eye on your available budget. This will go down as your cast your votes.
  4. You can vote for as many projects as you wish until you have either spent the full budget, or have insufficient budget left to vote for any more projects.
  5. You do not need to spend the full budget. If you only wish to vote for one or two projects that is fine.
  6. You can sign in again at a later date, using the same long-in details and amend your vote prior to the closing date on 1 March.

These instructions are also available here: Green Living Fund Guidance (

Staff in libraries are available to help with voting and CLD Staff are running various drop-in support sessions in community facilities. More information on this can be found here.

If you have any issues with logging in or voting, you can contact us at Help and support in terms of guidance is also provided on the website.