REPORT: Beyond 2023 Report

The Beyond 2030 report builds on top of the Holistic Network Design for the UK energy system, makes a set of network recommendations throughout the 2030s and recommends a set of offshore and onshore network upgrades which total an additional £58 billion of direct investment in our electricity networks.

It facilitates the connection of an extra 21GW of offshore wind as well as a breadth of other low carbon generation across Britain. This is a transitional plan before the development of the fully Centralised Strategic Network Plan which will be published in 2026.

Maf Smith from The Scottish Offshore Wind Energy Council: “To successfully build out Scotland’s offshore wind pipeline, a new approach is needed for grid development. This new Beyond 2030 report from the Energy System Operator is an important step forward in helping firm up the network upgrades needed. As we build out offshore wind in our seas, so we need to start building an offshore transmission system. There is no time to spare, and its critical that we can advance GB grid upgrades to give confidence that this new grid infrastructure will be there for when projects build out.”

Full report here: