The transport industry is one of the earliest adopters of hydrogen in Scotland, but how likely is each of its sectors to adopt hydrogen as a low carbon fuel?

Read the findings from Scottish Enterprise and Ricardo’s recent study, which estimates and maps the potential demand for hydrogen in Scotland up until 2045.

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  1. I enjoyed reading the reports and going through the regional data provided.
    The Hydrogen economy is real and happening, we just don’t know how at the moment, but this will change in due course.
    My only reservation about the Transport report is the Ammonia versus Methanol information provided.
    Just for context, if you fill up your petrol car with E5/10, you are exposed to Methanol (UKPIA) the E does not mean just Ethanol.
    For the same exposure to Ammonia you are required to wear PPE.
    If there are any fellow Methanol (Hopefully Green or Blue) as a Hydrogen carrier enthusiasts out there, get in touch.