Skills: Retrofit Advisor programme

Generation Scotland is launching a full-time 10-week Retrofit Advisor programme across Glasgow/Edinburgh in May to support people facing barriers to employment with the technical, behavioural and mindsets needed to thrive in entry-level Retrofit Advisor roles. 

Would you like to work with Generation on this programme? Could you employ graduates from the programme in August?

If so, please contact for more information.

Key Technical Skills Taught

  • Retrofit Basics and Home Energy use- including climate change, energy consumption at
    home and fuel poverty. Construction and building services basics.
  • Retrofit Industry – Organisations and sectors involved, financial support and grant
    schemes. Quality standards and regulations.
  • Supporting customers – Through clear communication and being able to identify,
    troubleshoot and resolve issues, managing challenging customers.
  • Professional and administrative good practice – As a Retrofit Advisor, including note taking,
    working with data, multi-tasking and effective workplace communication.