Zerofy rakes in $1.2 million to boost zero-carbon lifestyle

The Zerofy app continuously measures household carbon emissions automated and in real-time to help households cut emissions through personalised actions.

As drivers of economic demand, households can play a major role in reducing carbon emissions with 70% of global carbon emissions indirectly attributable to them. Consumers are however, often confused about where in their household the big emissions contributors are and suffer from complexity and friction when trying to implement solutions.

Estonia-based Zerofy has raised $1.2 million in funding to change the situation. The pre-seed round was led by UnionLabs Ventures and supported by a group of angel investors. The company has also rolled out its app in the iOS App Store as a limited-beta release in select countries.

Founded by Till Quack and Criss Uudam, the startup wants to simplify a zero-carbon lifestyle for households.

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