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Low Carbon Transport & Active Travel Hub Perth

The Low Carbon Transport and Active Travel hub project will contribute to the Tay Cities region shared vision and objectives by improving sustainable connectivity, workforce mobility and innovation.
Current phase Planning
Funding Local authority

The aim of the project is to create a network of low carbon and shared and active travel facilities across the Tay Cities region which will be integrated with and complement a range of regional projects as well as contributing towards the goals of Perth’s own transport initiatives such as Shaping Perth’s Future – A Transport Strategy for Perth, which aims to make improvements to help achieve the following strategic transport objectives set out by Perth and Kinross Council.

  • To improve and maintain the efficiency of the strategic transport network;
  • To improve and maintain the efficiency of the local transport network;
  • To work towards meeting national air quality standards and prevent further breech/exceedance;
  • To reduce emissions which contribute to climate change, in-line with national guidance;
  • To increase the proportion of short trips by more sustainable modes;

The project will be one of the demonstrators of the Eco-innovation living lab focusing on low carbon transport. The intention of the project is to broaden the range of sustainable travel choices available to local residents, workers, and visitors to the region, thereby providing opportunity to improve workforce mobility, social inclusion, and environmental impact, all drivers of economic growth.

It is the aim of the project to also stimulate business R&D investment in low carbon technologies. Partners are offering to work collaboratively and develop demonstration sites in Dundee and Forfar. The project in Perth will create an innovative Low Carbon Transport Hub at a key strategic site (Broxden Park and Ride), which will provide refuelling facilities for a range of alternative fuels and transport modes. To accommodate the increasing demand for EV Charging points at Broxden, which has risen by over 48% in the last two years, the low carbon transport hub at Broxden will focus on rapid EV charging and preparing and future proofing the site for further expansion of EV charging facilities.

The Low Carbon Transport hub to be created at Broxden Park and Ride will utilise innovative technologies in the provision and support of alternative fuelling facilities. A combination of on-site solar PV generation of electricity and battery storage facilities will be developed and managed and controlled by a smart energy management system to optimise electricity usage at the site and reduce the carbon footprint and energy costs of Perth and Kinross Council and explore the potential income generation of battery storage assets.

Solar PV will contribute towards the energy required for the EV chargers along with battery storage facilities that will store generated on-site energy and utilise cheaper off-peak energy to support EV charging. We intend to use this knowledge and understanding to develop a template for sustainable EV charging infrastructure that can inform future developments and projects.

In addition in the second phase of the programme, an Active Travel Hub will be created in Perth City to be integrated with and support the Perth bus and train stations redevelopment. This will provide a focal point for cycling and walking routes in and around Perth City and beyond. The hub will include bike hire, safe and secure facilities for personal bike storage, improved links to public transport, local path networks and travel information.

In the third phase of the programme, a hydrogen refuelling station will be developed in the Broxden area to provide the first publicly accessible hydrogen refuelling facilities in the region.

The sites will be complemented and linked by the development of  MaaS information applications. These will highlight and promote the new facilities such as bike hire and a car club and the active travel options available. They will also support the provision of an integrated, effective and efficient transport system by providing real-time public transport information as well as timetabling and journey planning applications. More accessible public transport combined with a greater range of transport options will aid economic development and growth by improving workforce mobility and social inclusion, and reducing environmental impact.

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