Dundee City Council: key land and property options list

The following property and short overview profile has been prepared to provide an overview of the
advantages of Dundee as a prime business location for inward investment in Scotland.

Dundee should be considered in the context of its overall environment which provides:-

•A strategic location with excellent communication links and all the facilities expected of a regional economic
and employment centre;
•A cost-effective location, with low cost of living and lower property and staff costs which compare
favourably with communities in Scotland such as Edinburgh and Glasgow;
•A strong labour pool, including graduate output from two key Scottish Universities based within the City and
an extensive scientific community and skills base with strong industry links;
•A great quality of life for staff and their families, with excellent housing, education and leisure amenities
available in Dundee and the surrounding area.

Working with our partners such as Scottish Enterprise, the Invest in Dundee Team ensures a one door approach
for businesses locating to the city. Each investment enquiry has a dedicated Project Manager to handle the
project, giving the fullest attention and acting as an interface between the Dundee area and the company.

Contact: Rory Young, Team Leader Economic Growth | rory.young@dundeecity.gov.uk | 01382 434697



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