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Clean energy based town centre restoration

Sustainable restoration and rebuild of a C listed farm steading to create a new town centre within a new housing development.
Current phase Implementation
Time frame 01/02/2017 – 31/12/2024
Funding Private investors

The Wemyss and March Estate is currently (Sept 2023) in the development phase of a large scale project in rebuilding a town centre in a new part of Longniddry (Longniddry Village). The project involves the sympathetic conservation and restoration of a C listed farm steading to create 15 mixed use commercial units including retail, office, fitness, food & drink options. All of these buildings are retrofitted to exceed current standards of insulation and will use non-fossil fuel power.

Sustainable green energy is the main driver for the project which will see no fossil fuel generated power used on site.  Electricity generation is achieved from roof mounted solar and micro hydro with heating and cooling provided by air source heat pumps and underfloor heating systems. There will be EV charging facilities for cars and bikes.

The development aims to educate young generations around sustainability and clean energy use as a ‘new normal’. There are plans for a fruit orchard and herb garden, which will also include an innovative wind tree and solar tree. The harvest from the orchard and herb garden will provide fresh ingredients for the new cook school on site, whilst the energy harvested will help to educate around clean energy use and of course the cooking!!

TIME: The project took 4 years in planning and approvals from local council and estimated 3 years in delivery. Due to conclude in Dec 2024.

COST: the overall cost will likely be approx. £3.75m solely supported by the estate.

PARTNERS: Wemyss and March Estate

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